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Throughout my journey, I've learned that true leadership lies in uplifting others, whether in a classroom or within our community. Every initiative, every partnership, has been a step towards building a stronger, more educated, and united Texas. My commitment extends beyond just professional roles; it's about weaving the values of family, education, and service into the fabric of our daily lives. Together, we can shape a future that reflects our highest aspirations.   

        - Dr. Carlos L. Walker, Sr.


Volunteering is simple. You can walk your neighborhood, request a yard sign, phone call, or text. Just complete the form below. 

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Your contribution will allow my campaign to talk directly with voters and share our vision for a vibrant Texas. Click the button to make a contribution.

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Are you registered to vote? Are you VOTE READY for the 2024 elections? Just click the button below to go to the VOTE Texas website and check your voter registration status and/or register to vote.

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